What are KVM VPS?
KVM VPS are virtual private servers that utilize the popular KVM virtualization solution.
The KVM platform provides exceptional performance, stability, security, and isolation due to its complete hardware virtualization.
Furthermore, KVM supports Linux VPS Hosting as well as Windows VPS Hosting.

Not sure what a VPS is? We explain the main differences between the different hosting type in our blog article "A Simple Guide To Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers".
Are your servers fully-managed or unmanaged?
We offer both Unmanaged VPS Hosting as well as fully-managed VPS Hosting.
Unmanaged VPS Hosting means that we will provide support for the server's availability and connectivity.
It also means that it is your responsibility to handle everything else including but not limited to the server's security (software-wise), backups, configuration, software installations, upgrades, optimization and anything else that you require.

We do offer a highly comprehensive Fully-Managed Support Package for cPanel/WHM servers.
This fully-managed package will provide you with complete peace of mind which will allow you to focus on your business and not on server management tasks.

We highly recommend the Fully-Managed package if you are anything but completely fluent in the art of managing servers.
Where are the VPS located?
Our VPS nodes are housed in a state-of-the-art data center located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
The data center is a Tier III N+1 Fault Tolerant data center with the ability to remain active through a power outage of up to 72 Hours. This data center features multiple carrier backbones, dual backup power supplies (thanks to N+1 Redundancy), modern environmental controls, including cooling and dust filtering, and numerous security systems.
What is the difference between Mini VPS & Ultra VPS?
Mini VPS are VPS with less than 2 GB RAM. Ultra VPS are VPS with more than 2 GB RAM.
Ultra VPS support both Linux & Windows based operating system while Mini VPS only support Linux based operating systems.
Furthermore, Ultra VPS support the cPanel control panel while Mini VPS do not.
What is the difference between Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting & Dedicated Servers?
A VPS server is the perfect choice when you are looking for more control/flexibility around your website or application than is available with shared hosting.
Whether it is the ability to scale resources to meet the needs of your growing business or the ability to install a custom application or custom configuration that makes your site or app run just the way you want it to - a VPS will answer those needs.

We explain the main differences between the mentioned hosting types and the main considerations to take into account when choosing the right type for your needs in our blog article "A Simple Guide To Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers".
Can I customize the VPS?
Yes! Simply select the VPS plan that best matches your needs and click the "Customize" button.
Can I upgrade my VPS later?
Yes! You can upgrade your VPS quickly and easily with a few clicks. Upgrading your VPS will require a single reboot and will not involve an IP change or data loss.
Are backups included with these VPS?
Yes! We take daily backups of your VPS and can restore it as a whole if needed.
We do highly recommend regularly taking your own full backups as the backups on our end may sometimes be unavailable.
How long does it take to set up a new VPS?
New VPS are automatically set up as soon as payment is received.
Please note that for your very first order with us, the VPS will not be automatically set up as we will need to first complete our fraud prevention check.
Which payment methods do you accept?
In order to make the purchase process as convenient as possible, we offer several payment methods, including:
» Credit Cards
» Debit Cards
» PayPal
» Bitcoin

Supported credit/debit cards are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB.
Please note some payment methods may not be available for certain countries or territories.

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Will I get full root/administrator access to the VPS?
Yes! Full root/administrator access is included and allows total control over your hosting environment, including custom installs and configuration.
Do you offer Windows VPS plans?
Yes! Our Ultra VPS plans support Windows. Select one of our Ultra VPS plans and click the Customize button in order to select Windows.
What is your uptime SLA?
At its core, an SLA (Service Level Agreement) is an agreement between a service provider and customer, which defines the level of service the former will provide to the latter.
An Uptime SLA details the percentage of time your website is guaranteed to be up and available, rather than offline for any number of reasons. Without an Uptime SLA that matches your needs, your online presence could go offline in a blink of an eye making you lose customers, users and damaging your operations greatly.
We believe that great uptime is the most important aspect of a perfect VPS hosting experience. That's why we will refund 1% of your payment for each 1 minute of downtime as part of our 100% Uptime SLA.
We explain our 100% Uptime SLA and the main reasons why it is so beneficial for your websites in our blog article "What Is An Uptime SLA And Why Is It So Important?".
Are you a DMCA Ignored Host?
If we receive a DMCA complaint via email for a VPS or Dedicated Server, we simply ignore it as we (almost always) do not have a way to confirm it is authentic and that the email origins haven't been spoofed.
Most hosting companies will not do that. They will forward any complaint they get to you and demand that you take action on it as soon as possible.
This unique customer-oriented practice of ours makes the vast majority of parties reporting illegitimate copyright complaints to give up on submitting it. That is one of our ways to filter only the real, legitimate complaints.
If we do receive a complaint via registered mail, we forward it to you, the customer, to receive your feedback.
We are NOT one of those "suspend first - talk later" hosting companies in these kind of instances. We have your back.
Our DMCA policy is described in detail in our blog article "Can Companies Ignore DMCA? Is Offshore Hosting DMCA Safe?".
Is your support available 24x7?
Our world-class support team is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experts are trained to provide quick, professional, friendly, and truly impressive support.
Do you offer DDoS Protection?
Yes! Our DDoS Protection technology is designed to adapt to your specific protection needs and block 100% of attacks.
While we can't tell you what's in our "secret Maple sauce", we can tell you that our leading DDoS Protection technology allows us to let the good guys in while keeping all of the bad guys out. Actually, our DDoS Protection is so advanced that we guarantee 100% filtering of all incoming DDoS attacks. In case we can't stop an attack, we will refund your payment in full.
Want to read more about our Guaranteed DDoS Protection and how it is different from the competition? Read our blog article "What Is Guaranteed DDoS Protection?".
If you'd like to add one of our DDoS Protection plans to your Dedicated Servers, you will be able to add them as addons during the checkout process.
Will you share my private information with anyone?
Maple-Hosting is committed to protecting your personal information and respecting your privacy. We will never sell, rent, or disclose your personally identifiable information to outside parties without your consent unless compelled by a court of law to do so or required to do so as part of our service routine.
For more information, please read our privacy policy or contact us.
What should I consider when choosing a hosting provider?
We've detailed the most important aspects to consider when choosing your hosting provider in our blog article "How To Choose Your Hosting Provider".
What should I consider when choosing the right VPS Hosting Plan?
We've detailed the 4 most important aspects to consider when choosing your VPS Hosting plan in our blog article "4 Tips For Choosing The Right VPS Hosting Plan".