Fully-Managed Support

Free up your schedule and have our Fully-Managed Support team take over the management of your dedicated server


Focus on your business while we manage your dedicated server for you
Managed Dedicated Server Setup and Configuration

Initial Setup & Configuration Setting up and configuring a new server can be time-consuming and technically challenging. Our team will take care of this for you so you can get to work right away.

Server Performance Optimization The best hardware in the world will run inefficiently without proper performance optimization. Experience noticeable performance improvements instantly.

Managed Server Security Hardening

Server Security Hardening Over 30,000 servers are hacked every day. We will ensure that your server is safe and secure by completing a comprehensive security hardening audit upon request.

Troubleshooting Common Support Issues with Managed Support

Support For Common Issues Our highly-experienced technicians are able to easily and quickly troubleshoot and resolve common issues and problems that may otherwise take you a lot of time and effort to resolve.

Software Support and Upgrades

Software Support & Upgrades Including complete support for your core system software (Kernel, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl, Exim, FTP, WHM/CPanel and more). We will also upgrade these to their latest versions upon request.

Website Migrations for Managed cPanel Servers

Website Transfer & Migration We will migrate up to 20 cPanel accounts from your old cPanel server. Not only that, we will make sure the migration is done smoothly and with the least amount of downtime possible. Just sit back, and relax.

 Add The 24x7 fully-managed support addon today!

  • Initial Setup & Configuration
  • Support For Common Issues
  • Server Performance Optimization
  • Server Security Hardening
  • Software Support & Upgrades
  • Website Transfer & Migration
  • Setting Up Automatic Backups
  • Unlimited Admin Work Time
Fully-Managed Support
$30per month
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