About The Maple Network

A Network Meant To Wow

The Maple network is designed to provide exceptional speed and unparalleled reliability powered by our premium Tier 1 & Tier 2 carriers, and our ongoing network optimization and monitoring.

2.4 Tbps

Network Capacity


Network Uptime SLA


Tier-1 Carriers

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Premium Network Features

We've been growing and improving our network for over 10 years

Premium Backbone Providers

Delivering your packets quickly & without fail.

The network is connected to premium backbone providers using 100GE uplinks. We use multiple Points of Presence (POPs) for redundancy allowing us to provide robust connections to even the most problematic network destinations for all clients.

  • Tier 1  Cogent
  • Tier 1  Telekom Italia
  • Tier 1  Telia
  • Tier 1  Liberty Global
  • Tier 1  NTT
  • Peer  PhoenixNAP
  • Peer  AMS-IX
  • Tier 2  Core-Backbone

Automated Routing Optimization

Less congestion. Less packet loss. More success.

The network uses the Noction Intelligent Routing Platform which automatically analyzes routes with congestion or packet loss and then reroutes packets to their optimal routes. This has been shown to improve performance and deliverability by up to 50% by bypassing congestion and packet loss.

High-Redundancy Hardware & Network

So that your websites and apps remain online.

We use Juniper routers with 2 redundant routing engines, 2 redundant uplink connections per switch, and redundant fiber rings. The power supply uses A+B feeds (one feed from main power and one from UPS backup power).

Network Uptime Monthly Downtime Yearly Downtime
100% None None
99.99% Over 4 minutes Over 52 minutes
99.95% Over 21 minutes Over 4 hours
99.9% Over 43 minutes Over 8 hours
99% Over 7 hours Over 3 days


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