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Our industry-leading uptime SLA means your websites and apps stay online

What is an Uptime SLA?

An Uptime SLA details the percentage of time your website is guaranteed to be up and available, rather than offline for any number of reasons. Without an Uptime SLA that matches your needs, your online presence could go offline in a blink of an eye making you lose customers, users and damaging your operations greatly.

What is Maple-Hosting's Uptime SLA?

We offer a 100% Uptime SLA Guarantee for our network and power, meaning you shouldn't expect any network downtime caused by network or power outages when choosing Maple-Hosting. We achieve this level of industry-leading reliability by using network and hardware components with a high level of redundancy, meaning if one component fails, another component is already there as backup. Not only that, we give our uptime SLA real substance with a full refund-backed guarantee, without fail, each time.

HostAdvice Great Uptime Award for Maple-Hosting

HostAdvice independently measured our 100% uptime record and awarded us with the Great Uptime Award

What if downtime does happen?

If you experience router-level network downtime caused by a covered reason as per our Terms of Service, we will issue you an actual refund, rather than just a credit to your service account. This refund comes in the form of ONE PERCENT of your payment to us for EACH one-tenth of a percent (0.01%) (which is approximately 4 minutes and 23 seconds) your site is offline (up to a full 100% refund)! Finding a better offer than that would be a mighty task indeed.

We are so certain of our ability to keep you up and running that we provide one of the best uptime guarantees in the hosting industry:

We will refund 1% of your payment for each 0.01% of network downtime.

Hosting Provider Network Uptime Monthly Downtime Yearly Downtime
Maple-Hosting 100% None None
Competitor A 99.99% Over 4 minutes Over 52 minutes
Competitor B 99.95% Over 21 minutes Over 4 hours
Competitor C 99.9% Over 43 minutes Over 8 hours
Competitor D 99% Over 7 hours Over 3 days

Still Not Sure What An Uptime SLA is? Want To Learn About Its Importance?

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Refunds will not be issued for downtime caused by elements beyond our control. Examples include any issues related to customer's security solutions, software solutions, account administration or natural disasters. Refunds will be issued by our sole discretion in cases of unplanned downtime. Refunds will be issued based on our in-house uptime monitoring tools. Please review our Terms of Service for the complete terms of our SLA.


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