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When and Why Should You Upgrade to a Dedicated Server

When and Why Should You Upgrade to a Dedicated Server?

Suppose you are a business owner with a sophisticated online presence and a growing customer base bringing more and more traffic to your website. In that case, it may be time to consider switching to a dedicated server. With 46% of internet users abandoning poorly performing websites, it is not a decision to take lightly. You may already be familiar with shared hosting, which is excellent for upstarts and small business websites, but still has its limitations. A dedicated server is designed to adapt to the continuous growth of your business while offering numerous other benefits. Keep reading to learnRead More

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9 Website Testing Tools

9 Website Testing Tools To Determine Strengths & Weaknesses

What is your favorite website testing tool to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website? To help identify a website’s strengths and shortcomings, we asked tech experts and business leaders this question for their best tips. From reviewing PageSpeed Insights to utilizing Ahrefs, there are several ways you can find to develop your website! Here are nine website testing tools to assess the highlights and needed updates of your website: PageSpeed Insights Hubspot’s Website Grader Screaming Frog SEO Spider  Moz Bar  Google Optimize Woorank Lighthouse Ahrefs PageSpeed Insights  Since I am an e-commerce site with tons of productRead More

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Apache, Ngnix, and LiteSpeed - Which Web Server Is Best

Apache, Ngnix, and LiteSpeed – Which Web Server Is Best?

You’re always taking extra steps to make sure that your business is healthy and running smoothly. You make sure that you put time and effort into projects that will expand your business. You’re proud of how far your business has come since you started it, and it’s been going very well thanks to your efforts. But rapid expansion comes with its own problems. For starters, it’s completely possible to outgrow your online space.  You may need a dedicated server to host your website. But it’s impossible for a dedicated server to run without also having a web server such asRead More

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11 Ways to Prioritize Customer Experience

11 Ways to Prioritize Customer Experience

What is one way your company prioritizes customer experience? To help business leaders improve their customer service, we asked CEOs and business executives this question for their best insights. From creating memorable moments to regularly following up with customers, there are several strategies that may help you optimize your overall customer satisfaction and grow your business.  Here are 11 ways to enrich your customer experience: Dedicate Processes to Customer Care Create Memorable Moments Get It Right the First Time Communicate as a Partner Make It Personal Offer Alternative Ways to Connect Connect Through Social Media Follow Up Consistently Make EveryRead More

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Why should you choose a Netherlands Dedicated Server?

Why Should You Choose a Netherlands Dedicated Server?

If your website goes down, it will hit your bottom line but there are other potential impacts beyond just the financial hit. It can affect your website’s ranking in Google and drive potential customers to your competitors, for example. Hosting your website on a reliable server is a critical factor in keeping it up and running. And choosing Netherlands dedicated servers can improve reliability even further. Let’s look at some reasons you should choose a server located in the Netherlands. Netherlands Dedicated Servers Run on Reliable Infrastructure According to DHL’s Global Connectedness Index, the Netherlands is the most connected countryRead More

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DMCA Ignored Hosting - Dedicated Servers DMCA Ignored

Can Hosting Companies Ignore DMCA?

Please visit our Terms of Service for our DMCA policy. If inconsistency rises between this article and our terms of service, the terms of service will supersede. The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyrights Act) put in place a series of copyright laws effective in both the United States as well as the World International Property Organization. As the DMCA can be challenging to interpret and is often exploited to bring down legitimate websites, we have included a short explanation about copyright laws relevant to the hosting world and a brief review of Maple Hosting’s policies on this matter.

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9 Hardest Things About Being First-Time CEO

The 9 Hardest Things About Being a First-Time CEO

CEOs are the highest-ranking professional in a business, overseeing a multitude of managerial decisions.  The chief executive officer is ideally a professional with years of cumulative experience—each step gradually preparing them to take on this leadership role. Despite this experience, taking on the responsibility as CEO presents its challenges, especially if you’re a first-time CEO. Learn from nine business leaders about the most challenging aspects of being a first-time CEO to navigate your responsibilities as head honcho.  Tackling Self Doubt Delegating Responsibility Maintaining Culture Outsourcing Roles Creating A Team Proving Yourself Making Impactful Decisions Resolving Company Issues Prioritizing Aspects OfRead More

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Pros and Cons of Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

The Pros and Cons of Cheap Dedicated Servers

The web hosting industry got its start in 1969 with only 4 hosts to choose from. Over the next 50 years, that number grew to 126 million hosts, with more coming online all the time. With a market that large, you can expect a wide range of pricing options. If you’re looking for cheap dedicated servers, read on to learn the pros and cons of that end of the server spectrum. Are Dedicated Servers Worth It? When you’re looking for a web server, you’ve got a few options to choose from, including: Shared hosting VPS (virtual private server) hosting CloudRead More

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3 Dedicated Servers Designed For Video Streaming

3 Dedicated Servers Designed for Video Streaming

The popularity of video streaming has been growing for several years but 2020 saw nearly 100 percent growth in the hours watched compared to 2019. If you’re planning to add your video stream to the mix, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing the right streaming dedicated servers. Let’s look at how these servers work and how to choose the right one for your needs. Important Factors for a Streaming Dedicated Server Streaming content of any type needs a reliable server but video streaming is one of the most demanding applications for a web server. Video streamsRead More

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Benefits of Unmetered Servers

6 Benefits of Unmetered Dedicated Servers

One of the first things you need to consider when building a website is how much bandwidth will be required. Bandwidth usage depends on several factors, such as the number of daily visitors. Videos and other large media files significantly increase the amount of bandwidth needed. At Maple Hosting, we’re more than happy to help you make the right decisions for your server. Our hosting plans are fully customizable and can be scaled up or down as your business needs change. We’ve been offering award-winning unmetered dedicated servers since 2008.  Many of our clients choose an unmetered dedicated server becauseRead More

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