Why Choose Unmetered Dedicated Server Hosting

When it is time to look for a dedicated server, you are faced with seemingly endless options to choose from.

Whether you opt for shared or dedicated hardware, metered dedicated servers vs unmetered dedicated servers, which processor, and how much RAM. And all of that is before you even start to think about the type of storage and how much space you need.

It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Dedicated server hosting brings many advantages over shared hosting options, and for many businesses, unlimited, unmetered bandwidth really does save money and provides peace of mind in the long run.

Metered Dedicated Server vs Unmetered Dedicated Server

First, let’s talk about the main difference between the two types of servers.

Metered Dedicated Servers get a specific amount of bandwidth measured in TB per month. Think of it as though you signed up to a plan with your power utility company that only allows you to use a certain amount of power in a month. If you use more than the amount you agreed to, big bills may be coming your way, or worse, your power might just get switched off.

Unmetered Dedicated Servers are not given a specific amount of TB bandwidth per month but are given a specific port size with the ability to use unlimited bandwidth as part of that dedicated port. For example, we offer 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, 5 Gbps, 10 Gbps and 20 Gbps dedicated unmetered ports.

With unmetered dedicated servers, you’re free to use as much bandwidth as the purchased dedicated port can handle. In our power utility company analogy, this would be the equivalent of getting a package with an unlimited amount of power.

Of course, that basic explanation is not going to be enough to help you make the right dedicated server choice, anyone in a position of responsibility for these decisions will want more than that.

We can examine what an unmetered dedicated server provides and see how it differs from other options, which allows us to look at three unique advantages of an unmetered dedicated server that show why it is the best solution for many situations you may find your business in.

True-Unmetered™ Dedicated Servers

1. Performance to cope with your success

You are always working towards your goals, building your business, growing your audience, and all of that means more visitors to your web properties, more users for your applications, or more customers at your portal.

That means more bandwidth being used, more computing resources being used, more memory is used, and the last thing you want if your business sees the spike in customers is your site crashing because your allocated resources were swamped. That’s why you need to have servers that move at the speed of your business.

A dedicated server, metered or unmetered, gives you the dedicated hardware to cope with whatever happens. Unlike a shared server, a dedicated server really is yours, completely dedicated to your business and your customers or visitors, as the name suggests.

You never know when you will hit the jackpot, the right product, the right marketing, and suddenly the whole world can be wanting to buy from you or visit your website. An unmetered dedicated server ensures you will always be ready, no slowdown or crashes, no lags or buffering, and with unmetered bandwidth, no concerns about big bandwidth over usage bills either.

Whether it’s a busy e-commerce site, live streaming service, VPN service, or something else, with an unmetered dedicated server, you always have the bandwidth capacity for your needs, for today, tomorrow and whatever the future brings.


2. Flexibility to support your ideas

One thing about shared servers is that the solution is streamlined as much as possible to ensure efficiency.

If you want to do something different, such as install resource intensive, own designed or specialized applications, a bespoke security solution, a different control panel or something else, this can be problematic (and usually impossible) when using shared hosting. However, for a dedicated server, it is all under your control and you can allocate resources however you want to.

Without any other users to worry about, you get root access to your server, not only providing complete control in a way a shared server simply cannot match, but the flexibility to create the platform that fits your needs perfectly every time.

An unmetered dedicated server takes this idea further by offering flexibility with what you can use your server for, and how. That’s because most hosting providers do not allow high-bandwidth usage patterns (such as live streaming or VPN) with metered dedicated servers. This is due to the way 95th percentile bandwidth billing works.

So, getting an unmetered dedicated server can sometimes be the only viable option if you wish to use it for one of the following purposes:

Live Streaming


VPN Hosting

Online Storage & File Servers

File or Software Distribution

Gaming & Game Servers

SaaS Hosting

Large-scale E-Commerce

3. No more bandwidth worries

With metered servers, bandwidth is always a concern.

If you gain some success and have a lot of visitors, or maybe if you implement a new app or feature that is using more bandwidth, suddenly more people visiting your site can actually become a problem! That is a place no business wants to be in, as it is truly a lose-lose situation that highlights the problems of metered access for a growing business, you can’t always predict when that growth will come.

With an unmetered dedicated server there are no such problems, your business grows and uses more bandwidth, you are covered already. However, with a metered dedicated servers, the extra charges for exceeding bandwidth quotas can make it more expensive than an unmetered dedicated server in the long-term, and that is before you take into account the hassle of dealing with bandwidth problems, to begin with.

An unmetered solution offers all the bandwidth your business needs, not just today, but into the future. As you grow, your unmetered dedicated server solution grows with you, seamlessly.


Unmetered Dedicated Server Advantages

As you can see, while there are many server solutions available to any business today, an unmetered dedicated server has many advantages over other options.

Unmetered Dedicated Servers
Not sure which plan is right? Contact us – we love to help. 🙂

While it is not the right choice in every situation, because nothing is, for businesses that need the peace of mind that comes with having a dedicated server and unlimited bandwidth that can adapt to their needs and grow with them, an unmetered dedicated server is an excellent solution.

We offer a wide range of hosting services focused on providing you with a perfect hosting experience. Over 10 years of experience taught us how to deliver a boutique-like hosting experience with industry-leading features such as 100% Uptime Guarantee and truly unmetered dedicated servers.

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