3 DDoS Protection Methods To Stop DDoS Attacks for Good

The not so ancient riddle – how to stop DDoS attacks for good? Well, great question.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are some of the most insidious – and effective – ways for cyber attackers to completely derail your entire online presence without all that much extra effort.

A total denial of access to your website and your web services through flooding the servers with more traffic and more requests than the server can handle, a DDoS attack can cripple an online site or application faster than you ever would have thought possible – and leave it off line for extended amounts of time.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, cyber security industry insiders are saying that the amount of DDoS attacks are rising steadily. More and more competitors are turning to these kinds of illicit maneuvers to crush their competition, and along the way they are derailing projects that usually take a tremendous amount of money – and a tremendous amount of time – to unveil.

This sets back legitimate operations like your own dramatically.

Thankfully though, there are a couple of different ways you can take advantage of DDoS to make sure that these attacks don’t spoil the party for you or your users/visitors.

When talking about DDoS protection in Europe and even more specifically in The Netherlands, protection services need to be taken advantage of strategically (and with the help of top-tier cyber security experts assisting every step of the way), but at the end of the day there are things you can do on your own to effectively fight back against even different DDoS attacks you may come across.

Here are three different ways you can fight back against DDoS attacks starting right now!

1. Software Firewall & Concocting Your Own Code

The simplest (though sometimes the least effective) way to protect against a DDoS is to simply use the software firewall on your server or to come up with your own scripts that allow you to filter out the overwhelming traffic you are getting from specific sources.

Here is a quick example how you can use simple commands and your dedicated server’s software firewall to stop small DDoS Attacks for free:

Use the following command to find the IP addresses of the “bad guys”, the attackers:

> netstat -ntu | awk ‘{print $5}’| cut -d:-f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n

The output will look like this:


[X] Being the number of connections the IP (***.***.***.***) had with the dedicated server.

> iptables -A INPUT -s IPADDRESS -j DROP

IPADDRESS being the address of the spamming IP (***.***.***.***)

[EXAMPLE]> iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP

After adding the spamming IP addresses, use these commands to finish the process:

service iptables save
service iptables restart
service httpd restart

This approach opens up a lot of extra resources that would have otherwise been compromised by the attack itself, though it’s really only a useful approach when you’re fighting against rather simple or straightforward DDoS assaults.

When these attacks get too complex it’s time to switch to “bigger guns”!

2. Use The Power Of Dedicated Servers To Stop DDoS Attacks

The type of server that you are using to run your own little corner of the Internet is going to have the power to make or break your ability to defend against DDoS onslaughts.

The overwhelming majority of entry-level users and first-time web entrepreneurs are going to start off with shared hosting (mostly because it is the cheapest plan available), but as soon as you graduate to a higher level of traffic and sophistication you’ll want to start rolling on to VPS Hosting or Dedicated Servers hosting ASAP.

VPS hosting is indeed an upgrade from shared hosting but with regards to DDoS Protection, such an upgrade has little to no actual value so for the sake of this article, we will focus on DDoS protection on dedicated servers.

The right dedicated servers hosting package is going to provide you with far more resources, a lot more bandwidth, and a lot more control over security than any shared hosting package ever could. With the right dedicated servers acting as your first line of defense you’ll be able to run any online site or application with ease, all while pushing millions and millions of viewers to your site in the form of legitimate traffic without having to worry about a DDoS forcing it all to come rumbling down.

Yes, dedicated servers are a little bit more expensive, but the advantages far outpace any monetary setback you might face. After all, it’s nice to pay slightly more for your hosting and run an online business that operates exactly as intended and to cut corners on hosting and end up getting denied by DDoS attacks you can’t stop.

However, as you probably know, upgrading from shared hosting to dedicated servers can help stop the effects of a small DDoS attack but not that of a large one.

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3. Industry-Leading DDoS Protection Services

The biggest peace of mind you can have when it comes to DDoS Protection comes when you have a reputable service provider tell you that they guarantee your protection.

If you are really serious about making sure that all of your online properties are given every opportunity to succeed, that you have full control over your dedicated servers hosting resources and that you can effortlessly enjoy the best DDoS protection in Europe and even more so, the best DDoS protection in the Netherlands, you’ll want to take advantage of the kind of “full boat” services provided by a hosting provider like Maple Hosting.

These industry leaders in the realm of full-service dedicated hosting packages that protect (actively) against DDoS onslaughts have been helping people set up service denial free online platforms for quite a while now – and they have built up a fantastic reputation along the way.

By choosing to work with DDoS protection experts like us you will never again have to worry about not having enough resources to deploy for all of the traffic or assets you have posted, you’ll never have to worry about DDoS attacks crippling your business, and you’ll never have to worry about not having the kind of flexibility you need to make rapid changes in the most competitive business environment in human history.

If you’re ready to use DDoS Protection that works so well it comes with a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee, you should check out the affordable DDoS protection services we have to offer by visiting our DDoS protection page at your earliest opportunity. The odds are pretty good you’ll find we have EXACTLY what you’re looking for!

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